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STUDIO LOCATION: 293 Stanfield Road, Pineville, LA 71360 -  Use this address to put into your GPS - you will arrive at the studio before the GPS says you've arrived. 

Come to the end of the road and at the dead end (cul-de-sac) you will see a RED metal building and a wooden porch. Please park directly in front of the building, behind my white ford, or to the left of my vehicle in the grass.

I do apologize but at this time there is currently no restroom available at the studio. If you need to make arrangements prior or during your time there, I can give you directions to the nearest facilities. 


I am so happy you have chosen to capture this special time in your family's story. Your new baby will only be this little for a short,

fleeting period of time. These portraits will be something you both will cherish for years to come. My goal is to make our time

together as comfortable, relaxed, and as enjoyable as possible for you and your family. There are a few things you can do before

coming in for your session that will help our session go as smoothly as possible. Please read through our prep guide, and let me

know if you have any questions or concerns.


How to prepare baby...

Make sure your little one has a full belly. Please give a full feeding just prior to leaving for the studio. If we need to "top them off" once you arrive, we can do that. If baby is bottle feeding, make sure to pack extra milk/formula. A full baby = a happy, sleep baby.

In order to achieve the sweet curly poses, we need a calm, sleepy baby.When you arrive, please leave baby in the car seat to bring them up to the studio. If you need any assistance getting up the stairs, let me know and I will be happy to help you. Once you are inside then we will take baby and get him/her ready for the session.

What to expect...

The studio will be nice and warm during our session. We will start with any family or parent portraits so you can sit back and relax for the remainder of the session. Expect to be with me the studio for 2-3 hours. Our session may run through lunch, so feel free to bring any snacks or goodies to munch on. I do provide light snacks and water. During the session, sit back and relax. I won't need much assistance so take advantage of this time to read a book or bring a tablet/phone and binge a couple of your favorite Netflix shows. Of course you can always take the opportunity to kick your feet up and catch a few winks.

Siblings and Parents...

Portraits with siblings and parents are included in your portrait session. I highly encourage you to include these as part of your session. Your family will change through the years, and you will never regret having these memories captured forever. If you include siblings, it is sometimes best to schedule with a relative or spouse to take your child home (or to a park, playground, or play area) once their part is finished. We have some small toys and books in the studio, but little ones can sometimes get bored while waiting on the session to finish.