Todd Wedding

September 01, 2015  •  1 Comment

Matthew and Devin were married in a beautiful old schoolhouse on Saturday, August 15, 2015. It was the perfect little venue for this beautiful wedding. Devin's dress came straight out a fairytale and she indeed made a beautiful bride. I photographed their engagements, bridals, and wedding! They were very laid back and easy to work with. I wish you two very many years of blessings and happiness! 

Venue: Old Schoolhouse in Flora, Louisiana
Hair/Makeup: Courtney Hernandez & Katelynn Raggio
Flowers: Jeanne's Flowers
Cake: Piece A Cake (Angie Dicus)

Todd-2Todd-2 Todd-12Todd-12 Todd-17Todd-17 Todd-19Todd-19 Todd-20Todd-20 Todd-27Todd-27 Todd-32Todd-32 Todd-34Todd-34 Todd-45Todd-45 Todd-48Todd-48 Todd-54Todd-54 Todd-67Todd-67 Todd-69Todd-69 Todd-70Todd-70 Todd-71Todd-71 Todd-72Todd-72 Todd-73Todd-73   Todd-77Todd-77 Todd-78Todd-78 Todd-81Todd-81 Todd-87Todd-87 Todd-98Todd-98 Todd-108Todd-108 Todd-110Todd-110 Todd-114Todd-114 Todd-116Todd-116 Todd-125Todd-125 Todd-131Todd-131 Todd-135Todd-135 Todd-138Todd-138 Todd-148Todd-148 Todd-150Todd-150 Todd-158Todd-158 Todd-160Todd-160 Todd-163Todd-163 Todd-165Todd-165 Todd-166Todd-166 Todd-161Todd-161 Todd-168Todd-168 Todd-173Todd-173 Todd-174Todd-174 Todd-176Todd-176 Todd-179Todd-179 Todd-186Todd-186 Todd-199Todd-199 Todd-200Todd-200 Todd-207Todd-207 Todd-210Todd-210 Todd-217Todd-217 Todd-218Todd-218 Todd-221Todd-221 Todd-225Todd-225 Todd-229Todd-229 Todd-230Todd-230 Todd-238Todd-238 Todd-248Todd-248 Todd-249Todd-249 Todd-254Todd-254 Todd-253Todd-253 Todd-257Todd-257 Todd-268Todd-268 Todd-274Todd-274 Todd-273Todd-273 Todd-276Todd-276 Todd-286Todd-286 Todd-291Todd-291 Todd-321Todd-321 Todd-357Todd-357 Todd-376Todd-376 Todd-380Todd-380 Todd-401Todd-401 Todd-402Todd-402 Todd-417Todd-417 Todd-411Todd-411 Todd-426Todd-426 Todd-439Todd-439 Todd-442Todd-442 Todd-451Todd-451 Todd-459Todd-459 Todd-464Todd-464 Todd-466Todd-466 Todd-468Todd-468 Todd-470Todd-470 Todd-472Todd-472


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