Crawford Family

August 14, 2015  •  1 Comment

I have photographed the Crawford's for a few years now! I remember first photographing Emily & Jacob and I could instantly tell how strong this couple and their love for one another was. Not long after I was photographing their sweet baby girl MK at 6 months, 1 year and now MK is 1.5 years old! I love when clients continue to use me to photograph their families through out the years. I feel like I get to build a special bond with clients which is why I love what I do!

Crawford-1Crawford-1 Crawford-2Crawford-2 Crawford-6Crawford-6 Crawford-8Crawford-8 Crawford-9Crawford-9 Crawford-10Crawford-10 Crawford-11Crawford-11 Crawford-14Crawford-14 Crawford-18Crawford-18 Crawford-19Crawford-19 Crawford-26Crawford-26

Crawford-40Crawford-40 Crawford-28Crawford-28 Crawford-31Crawford-31 Crawford-32Crawford-32 Crawford-33Crawford-33 Crawford-37Crawford-37 Crawford-39Crawford-39 Crawford-40Crawford-40 Crawford-29Crawford-29 Crawford-41Crawford-41 Crawford-42Crawford-42 Crawford-43Crawford-43 Crawford-45Crawford-45 Crawford-47Crawford-47


Emily Crawford(non-registered)
So in love with every single one! Thank you again,
So very much!
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