Camille's Newborns

August 27, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of good friends delivered her baby girl, Camille about a month ago! We decided to do newborns pictures with more of a lifestyle twist. This was such a ladi back session. We did them at the home where Camille was most comfortable. I got to get a few shots of her in her room. We also got some shots of mom, dad, and big sister, Emma!

Camille-1Camille-1 Camille-6Camille-6 Camille-7Camille-7 Camille-8Camille-8 Camille-9Camille-9 Camille-10Camille-10 Camille-11Camille-11 Camille-5Camille-5 Camille-3Camille-3 Camille-16Camille-16 Camille-20Camille-20 Camille-19Camille-19 Camille-23Camille-23 Camille-22Camille-22 Camille-33Camille-33 Camille-36Camille-36 Camille-34Camille-34 Camille-39Camille-39 Camille-40Camille-40 Camille-47Camille-47 Camille-51Camille-51 Camille-59Camille-59 Camille-56Camille-56 Camille-61Camille-61 Camille-63Camille-63 Camille-65Camille-65 Camille-66Camille-66 Camille-67Camille-67 Camille-68Camille-68 Camille-73Camille-73 Camille-75Camille-75 Camille-78Camille-78 Camille-80Camille-80 Camille-83Camille-83 Camille-82Camille-82 Camille-89Camille-89 Camille-94Camille-94 Camille-97Camille-97 Camille-100Camille-100 Camille-102Camille-102


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