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October 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A few weeks ago I had my husband build me a wood floor and backdrop set up so that I could use to photograph newborns and infants. In the past I wasn't able to dedicate much time to working with newborns so recently I've started to dedicate more time. Newborn sessions are much different than regular sessions in many ways. Newborns are so tiny and delicate and pretty much brand new to the world! I was so excited to have 8 day old Miss Madisyn is my studio. I actually photographed her big sister a few years ago when she was a newborn. Madisyn was so quite and wide awake at the beginning of the shoot but I think she finally got comfortable and she feel right to sleep. 

Madisyn04Madisyn04 Madisyn03Madisyn03 Madisyn02Madisyn02 Madisyn01Madisyn01 Madisyn07Madisyn07 Madisyn11Madisyn11 Madisyn16Madisyn16 Madisyn15Madisyn15 Madisyn17Madisyn17 Madisyn23Madisyn23 Madisyn25Madisyn25 Madisyn27Madisyn27 Madisyn29Madisyn29 Madisyn30Madisyn30 Madisyn34Madisyn34 Madisyn36Madisyn36 Madisyn35Madisyn35 Madisyn37Madisyn37 Madisyn38Madisyn38 Madisyn42Madisyn42 Madisyn44Madisyn44 Madisyn43Madisyn43 Madisyn46Madisyn46 Madisyn47Madisyn47 Madisyn48Madisyn48 Madisyn49Madisyn49 Madisyn54Madisyn54 Madisyn56Madisyn56 Madisyn60Madisyn60 Madisyn61Madisyn61 Madisyn64Madisyn64 Madisyn65Madisyn65


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