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Birth Stories

Photographing a birth is one of the most unique type of sessions that I photograph. 


How do I schedule with you: 
When you have decided to book your birth story with me, I will mark your due date on my calendar. We will touch base when it gets closer to your due date. Please mention to your doctor that you have hired me to photograph the delivery.


What is included in the session:
The session plus you will get to digitally download the images and I even create a beautiful slideshow for you! 


Are you guaranteed to be available to photograph my birth: 
When you are booked on my schedule I plan to be available. The only time that I would be unavailable to be there is if I am photographing a wedding, birth or I am out of (I would certainly give you a heads up if I am planning to be out of town). Otherwise, your session is very important and I plan to be there, day or night. I typically don't schedule births that are likely to fall within a few weeks of a time frame. 


How long does a birth session last:
I could be available to come to the hospital when you arrive and are checked in. If you would like me to be there before you have your epidural I can be available. In the past, I've been at the hospital anywhere from 9-12 hours. This time is included in your session fee. I want to be there to capture every bit of emotion before, during, and after the delivery. After you have delivered and are out of recovery then I will plan to stay up to 1 hour. This will allow me to get photographs of you,baby, and any family members.


Are you allowed to photograph a c-section:
Unfortunately, I have not been granted permission to be in the operating room if you have to get a c-section. This does not mean that you still cannot book me. I could still be available before and after to capture those moments.


What all do you photograph: Everything I can. Well, not everything, as in I absolutely do not photograph any private areas that you don't feel comfortable with. I respect your privacy and I am able to get different angles that will allow me to still capture a birth. I've given birth before so honestly everything is very natural to me.  When your nurse comes in to check you they will likely have everyone step out of the room except the spouse or whoever you request to stay in. I typically do stay in during this time and capture some images. I capture every emotion that I possibly can. 


There are a certain number of people allowed in the delivery:
Yes, most hospitals have a limit as to how many people they will allow in the room during delivery. You have hired me to photograph the birth so please let any family members or friends know that I will be in the room. I don't want anyone being upset that I get to be in there and they were asked to step out. 


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